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2008 Volkswagen Golf R32 Review

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That sound!

Guttural throb from the 3.2 V6 at idle, rising to a swarm of angry wasps, followed by a noise that can really only be described as a dog fart, as you hit the perfectly positioned (if a little small) paddle shifters and select the next cog. It's nothing short of addictive...and it sounds even better on the way back down!

I've owned the MkV .:R32 for about two and a half years now, the odo says 102xxx, and I have to say that I've never owned a second hand car that still felt so 'new' at 7 years of age. No squeaks or rattles, no strange creaking or groaning from the old girl as she ages incredibly gracefully. Hell, even the much publicised, and over-hyped "problems" with the DSG are yet to materialise. The transmission has its quirks, no doubt, but no clunking, no shuddering, no hissy fits at all!

It will still hit 100 km/h in around 6.5 seconds, it will still give me a combined fuel econ of around 10L/100Km, and it still puts a smile on my face each and every time I see some open road and some corners. I know I can tip the thing in at speed and the 4WD will help it come out the other side rock steady and ready to attack the next one! She really has no right to be as competent, and compliant as she is at her age!

Sure, the sunroof opened on me in an automatic car wash the other day, and the she's a tad grumpy when you first wake her up in the morning, but hey, aren't we all!?

Horror stories involving VW service departments. and associated costs, have meant I've found a reputable VW specialist, and my minor service costs are now around $290, compared the wallet massacre of $450 at my nearest VW "service" centre!

Interior fit and finish are spot on, and even the more geographically dispersed amongst us (I'm 6'6", and 120kgs) will fit with ease...and the seat right back!

Back seat space is minimal at best, and DVT inducing at worst (i.e. when I'm driving), and I'm told the back seat ride is a bit bouncy (and not in a good way)

I cannot fault this car, but have rated it against a new Mk 7 R, hence the slightly lower ratings for things like 'tech and connectivity'.

Given you can now pick one up for under $25k, if you're in the market for something quick, sure footed, reliable, and comfy, be sure to test drive one...you will not be disappointed!