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2008 Volkswagen Golf GTi Review

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I was looking to buy a first car which would be fun and looked good but would also never let me down. It was safe to say it was love at first sight when I saw my car. It had everything I wanted in a car, plus a few optional extras hard to find in cars in the 14 to 15 thousand dollar range, such as sun roof; sat nav and premium sound system.

I have always been a fan of the Volkswagen Golfs so I always had hoped to buy one.

I love every bit of my car. It's very comfortable, the interior fittings are of a very high quality and even after 8 years my seats still look like new.

The golfs famous 'boompf' at every up change keeps my friends entertained, as well as inspiring me to go faster (which isn't always a good thing). The 147kW and 230Nm is more than enough to jump off the line, and my car has never failed to put a grin of victory on my face after having beaten the car next to me in the merging lane.

The GTi is the perfect blend of fun and practicality, not to mention its incredibly beautiful looks. The MK5 in my opinion has always been the best looking golf model, even before I purchased my own. The one thing I can pick on is perhaps the driving position feels just a little too relaxed.

The sat-nav system is surprisingly cooperative and doesn't leave you screaming at it. The premium sound system ensures every drive is enjoyable, as it is clear and produces a very high quality and clarity of sound.

My GTi is practical but still very entertaining to drive. This is why I was willing to pay $14,000 for it. Driving my parents Corolla everyday was good because everyone knows a Corolla is bulletproof no matter how hard you thrash it. But the GTi has an almost identical reputation of reliability but also has the sheer driving pleasure.

Taking it for a drive through the Kangaroo Valley or country highways out towards Jindabyne, the car never stops giving you that feeling of excitement. The best part is, that the excitement doesn't compromise comfort, as my daily commute is always very plush and relaxed. It's the best of both worlds. I do find that the steering can sometimes feel too light but that's just me, others find it very heavy.

It's not the most fuel efficient car money can buy, but it is still pretty good. 8.3L/100km is what I achieve when driving 'normally' however have a bit of fun and your looking at about 10.5L. As with any car though, how you drive will determine how many times you visit the pump.

Anyone looking to buy their first car should definitely keep their eyes peeled for a MK5 Golf GTi, as they are fast, good looking and mostly reliable. You can pick one up with under 100,000km on the clock for a good price, however, ensure you ask for a full service history, especially on the gearbox, as it requires its own service every 40 - 60,000 km's.