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Owned this Corolla Ascent first day in 2009.
* Great looker as I liked the European styled Ascent Hatch.
I owned one Corolla KE70 in those boxy days.

The reliability of the corolla drew me to them.

This one fits all my needs of the time,
* MP3 player,
* Flowing dashboard especially the raised gear centre console,
* radio within arms reach.

Ok No Bluetooth, No VSC, No 7 airbags, No Rear sensors or Reverse camera, but AUD120 capped servicing for three years!

Having driven 43K kms the Yokohama tyres have not been changed since and still
have good treads left. Switching over from a Swift 2005's maintenance to this
was excellent.

Quiet drive. Have not had any qualms with this car at all. Problem free driving since
Jan 1 2009.

My 3 Boys have become adults since the time when it was a big car to them, now they prefer the i45 or the Camry.

My Corolla is a good driving instructor car for my 3 learner driver sons. All three
of them have been instructed in this Corolla since 2009. Two of them are now P platers and one L plater!

The Corolla has reliability engineering built into it, (I worked as a reliability
engineer in FORD before) and I would not trade mechanicals that for the appeal of e gadgets.

*The hatch is my wife's great joy in transporting her things of all sizes or shapes at any
time of the day for her which she uses for her runabout day to day.