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2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara PreSTIge (4x4) Review

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The 3.2 motor suits our mix of caravan towing, off-road ventures and general needs well but it's fantastic on a long trip on any road surface using only about 10L/100 km.

Around town fuel use is about 13.5 but I could achieve better without enjoying the engine note at higher revs! My 4WD mates think it's too shiny and rev-happy for "real" off-road work but they will see how an old hand can still have fun without wrecking his nice truck! My wife hasn't been behind the wheel much yet as I'm still enjoying my new toy; only had it two months. But she loves it apart from a little disappointment with the front seats which are nowhere near as good either on long trips or off road as the Recaros in our old 1992 Isuzu Bighorn were.

However, it's great to be sitting behind a silky smooth V6 rather than a rattly old diesel! Having more gears is great too as the old truck was always at least one short, but I can't believe the Suzuki engineers didn't include a 'hold' in 2nd gear - only 1 and 3! From an off road point of view, after all it has hi and low range, it absolutely needs better water protection for the air intake and main computer box - both VERY exposed to even moderate splashes coming over the nose.

Overall though a great vehicle with adequate extras but not over done with gizmos.

PS. It was easy to give the suspension a 45 mm lift just by replacing the coil springs - only 3 hours labour by an experienced off road mechanic and the coils weren't expensive either.