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2008 Ssangyong Rexton RX270 Xdi (7 Seat) review

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In 2012, our family decided to buy a new car that could accommodate all our needs, as we needed a large SUV for our growing family. We went out one day to our local car dealers and came across a 2008 SsangYong Rexton RX270XDi Sports. It was something I had never seen before, and after taking a decent look at it we took the car for a test drive and fell in love with it (thanks to the previous owner who had kept the car in pristine shape).

This was the base model but still came with quite a few goodies for the price. The previous owner had paid less than RRP, but the car still included a decent sound system, side steps, roof rails, a DVD player for rear seat passengers, rear air vents (that went all the way into the third row, and had their own fan speed controls), brake assist and electric and heated side mirrors.

This car also drove beautifully with not much turbo lag. It had a great ride and good handling while having decent fuel economy, with an average of 9 litres per 100 kilometres from its 5-cylinder 2.7-litre turbo diesel engine (making a respectable 121kW and 340Nm - pretty good for a car of this era). The all-wheel drive system was also excellent, so there wasn’t much to fault about this car.

In the time that we had owned the car, we had done around 130,000km since 2012 (a total of 190,000km) without it missing a beat. Servicing costs were also pretty low, which was surprising as the car was fitted with Mercedes Benz running gear. The car aged incredibly well - all the paint still looked pristine, minus a few tiny scratches, and the interior held up extremely well. This car had been a part of the family and was truly loved and looked after.

At around 180,000km, we started to notice a problem with the AWD system being stuck in the wrong setting. Although the setting was manually adjustable, we switched it over but it still wouldn’t go into the correct setting. At first we thought it was nothing, but then it never went away, which was partly our fault for not doing anything about it. $1600 later, it was fixed. After this, we had no problems with the vehicle at all, but then sadly we had to let it go as it got written off. This was hard as this car had brought so many lasting memories.

If anyone was considering buying a SsangYong, I would highly recommend one.

Now that SsangYong has re-launched in Aus, we are considering buying the New SsangYong Musso or Rexton. Ours was a delight to own except for that one fault which was partly to blame on us.

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