Owner Review


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I purchased a brand new Kia Rio vehicle in January 2008.

I'm unlikely to buy another Kia as I am extremely dissatisfied and disappointed with Kia Motors Australia’s response to an issue I have with regard to my vehicle.

However, I can offer some positive points on the car.

It's fairly spacious for front seat people, for the size of car and for carrying goods with the rear seats folded down (unless you are a back seat passenger, very little leg room).

The air conditioner works very well, even at low speeds in city traffic on a hot day.

If driving in the country, the pick up from the engine to overtake and pass a vehicle, while still staying within the speed limit, is acceptable, as long as one uses the gears.

Fuel economy is good, both in the city and on country roads.

The price of parts for maintenance is reasonable: unless it is the right-hand-side windscreen wiper blade.

Other not-so-good points: Under warranty the rubber exterior window seals on both rear doors have been replaced. The rubber was cracking.

The rear hatch door, along the left hand side and right hand side, along the edges of the glass there is a rubber seal which runs vertically along the length of the glass. The rubber seals had rubbed the top coat paint through to the primer, along the full length of the right hand side, on the left hand side of the vehicle the paint was rubbed through along a length of approximately two centimetres.

These areas were repainted, not under warranty but as an act of goodwill by Kia, as in their opinion the paint must have been "thin" from factory.

Suspected rust forming under the paint, on the right hand side “dog-leg” body section, in front of the rear wheel.