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2008 Hyundai i30 Slx Review

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This car wasn't meant for a farmer's wife, and its special features are driving me around the bend.1) It beeps incessantly if you haven't put the seatbelt on, which I don't need to do on our internal tracks. 2) It flattens the battery if you don't remove the ignition key to double lock the car, which I don't need to do and so sometimes forget. This happened so often that we got a portable battery charger.

I have also got expert at resetting all the radio stations after the battery dies, though I have given up bothering on the clock. 3)

The 'safety lock switches' for doors and windows are right next to the windscreen up/down switches, so it's only too easy to dead- lock the doors. Then when you try to get the shopping out, the door is locked. Back to the driver's side, insert the key, back to the other side to get the shopping out - and try to remember to go back to take the key out, or you flatten the battery yet again.

You can't avoid this by pressing unlock before you get out, because it's a toggle switch and chances are you lock instead of unlock. So then you go back to the driver's seat to insert the ignition key, out and check the other door this time, then return to take out the ignition key - unless you are losing it by this time, leave the key in and flatten the battery again.

Perhaps this is fine in normal city use, although I suspect they make a VIP bespoke model that lets you turn all these lovely features off. I can't imagine too many VIPs putting up with it.