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2008 HSV Maloo Review

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A quick history lesson,

Ford is claimed to be the first company to produce an Australian "Ute". This was the result of a 1932 letter from the unnamed wife of a farmer in Victoria, Australia asking for “a vehicle to go to church in on a Sunday and which can carry her pigs to market on Mondays”. In response, Ford designer Lew Bandt developed the Ute and the model called a "coupe utility" at the time, it was released in 1934 and we have been worshiping them ever since.

but in the 81 years since its invention HSV of Australia have done something that rewrites History. Named after the aboriginal word for "thunder" the Maloo was rated as the fastest Ute in the world with A speed limited to 255km/h a 0-100 time of just 5 seconds and with a massive 6 litre V8 producing 307kw or 419hp You could worry just about any businessman in his supercharged sedan.

Now you might be thinking it's just a work vehicle with a big engine and all it can do is go in a straight line, but you'd be mistaken! the Maloo loves corners so much so, it gets a bit carried away but with safety features such as traction control and active stability control it's nothing to worry about you'll feel safer than a wallaby in its mother's pouch.

Being a big 6 litre V8 you will start to notice your wallet getting a little bit lighter driving around the city with your fuel range sitting at around 22l/100km and 240km for a full tank

but as you hit the highways your fuel range will skyrocket to an incredible 9.6l/100km and 750km for a full tank!

to keep your car in tip-top performance shape a service every 5,000 km's and depends on how you drive tires could last a week or a year if you get my ....drift.

I first seen the Maloo outside a bank in the city and for me it was love at first sight how beautiful and tough it looked no other car had ever made me feel like that and when i finally had the money to buy one for myself i knew it was the car for me how comfortable I felt when I first sat in the drivers seat and seen the gauges light up and the feeling of putting my foot down for the first time I knew it was the one.

If this car doesn't get you excited that's your problem, not the cars.