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2008 BMW 335i review

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This is my BMW E92 335i M Sport Coupe with M6 wheels and M division suspension and brakes.

Firstly, from the new generation BMWs, I was always in love with the E92 coupe styling, from the moment they arrived.

The sharp body line and wedge-like shape, and especially the additions BMW added to the M3 platform.

However, the 335i is a serious contender in straight line performance with serious horsepower available with nothing more than an ECU tune, let alone the further performance and reliability created by other add-ons.

The amount of torque available, almost instantly at low revs, makes it the most amazing everyday car. And the fuel economy at cruising speed is unbelievable for the level of performance you have on tap.

The handling is very comfortable and precise as we have come to expect from the 3 Series. For those with further performance in mind, the platform is able to accept most suspension components and cosmetic upgrades from the M Sport range, some of which I chose to add to improve the handling to a track platform and to enhance the M Sport Package the car originally came with.

One advantage of this model being born 10 years ago is also a flood of quality aftermarket performance products now available. So the opportunity to have a very special sports vehicle with all the everyday driving advantages of the mighty N54 twin-turbo engine drive line.

One disadvantage for the performance driver is the lack of an LSD with the ABS being used with a torque vectoring E diff. However, this can be rectified with a quality aftermarket LSD.

The six-speed ZF transmission has smooth, fast changes and the gear ratios are spot-on, especially in sport mode. Paddle-shifters on the steering wheel and manual modes add extra fun and alternatives to the driving variants.

Alpina offers one aftermarket transmission tune which allows even faster and more aggressive gear changing in Sport mode.

The technology is lacking as it is a 10-year old platform, however, the Bluetooth phone connection is there and you can integrate your phone or tablet into the car via the Aux cable, so it is still a capable system.

The car itself has very clever body control module and can come with many interesting features. For example, automatic headlight and dipping mirrors, ambient lighting inside and out, adjustable electric memory seats including bolster and lumbar support, quality to touch buttons and interior.

Before I forget, one especially great feature passed on from the lovely E46 BMW is the rear fold down seats which provide amazing carrying and storage options.

My car was ordered with Coral Red interior, a striking but soft sandy red which is an amazing contrast to black. Rather than tacky all colour interior, I have just red leather seats and features contrasting against your normal black interior mouldings and carpet.

My opinion after a few years of ownership, if there are any negatives is that even though it is well engineered, it is a complicated sports sedan that will require close attention and maintenance.

Keeping in mind though, the choice of parts and the enthusiast information support on this mass produced model is huge so it is not a big issue, especially for the motoring minded enthusiast.

Happy motoring.