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2007 Toyota HiLux SR review

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I bought the car off my dad, as I needed a new car and I work as a tradie. I wasn't the biggest fan of it at first, mainly the looks and how it drove, but over time I added my own touches to the exterior.

The car is rather basic in terms of technology for its year, however it has all the main things you want in a car: AUX and Bluetooth, a semi-decent stereo system, ABS, and two airbags.

The interior is quite plain, but that is expected with a work vehicle, yet it does the job. The power from the 4.0-litre petrol is quite extraordinary for the type of vehicle it is, with 175kW giving it more than enough grunt for daily driving and the need to tow anything. The five-speed auto is also very good, and handles descents very well choosing a low gear to engine-brake to maintain a constant speed so you don't have to ride the brakes.

It is a leaf-sprung rear and IFS, so the handling isn't the best. Also, if there is no weight in the rear, it can tend to lose traction if you push it the same as a sedan, especially in the wet or on greasy roads.

The side wing mirrors are plenty big enough and give heaps of vision on the sides. The rear window is large enough to see behind you, but if you have a large load or a canopy/toolbox on the rear, it'll be obstructed and you'll be unable to use it.

The car is very reliable and has had no issues, and has nearly 300,000km on the clock. It is very practical being a cab-chassis dual-cab, with plenty of space to carry whatever is needed. There's plenty of room in the interior of the cab and it can hold five people if needed, though it may be a bit tight with someone sitting in the middle rear seat.

It has containers hidden underneath the rear seat, which folds up and is helpful to store less used items, and also means you can fit something large in the back of the cab without damaging the rear seats.