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2007 Suzuki Swift S review

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I bought my ’07 Swift S (Auto RS415) back in 2014 to learn to drive in. It’s an absolute dream of a car. Since purchasing it, I have run it up to nearly 190,000km – and it still runs like new, not one thing to fault!

Inside for the driver and passenger is quite spacious for a small car. As for the rear seats, it’s comfortable for two people, but fitting three can be too close for comfort. Boot space is something you learn to deal with. I moved from VIC to QLD only using my car, and the amount of stuff I was able to take was actually crazy!

The technology in the car isn’t terrible for the age of the car, as they can come with cruise control, all electric windows, electric mirrors, etc. The stock stereo and speakers in the car are surprisingly great (branded as Clarion).

For a 1.5-litre engine, they are extremely zippy and very fast for a smaller vehicle with that size engine. I will admit I do drive my car quite hard, and still I do not have a single issue with my transmission or engine. Nothing has ever needed to be repaired, mechanically speaking.

The car's handling is very good, always feels stable on the road, and the stock suspension components are great.

Services and maintenance on these cars are overall very cheap. A major service roughly costs around $670 at a Suzuki dealership (every 90,000km), otherwise they are in the $300 range.

With driving the car hard, I am still easily able to get 500km to a tank on 91-octane, which is around $32 to fill! There are plenty of accessories on the market to add to your Swift, and all for a good price range.

This Swift is actually my baby, and I have had chances to sell it and turned them all down. I don’t think I could ever part with such an economically perfect and reliable car. I’ve had plenty of friends end up purchasing Swifts due to seeing and feeling the reliability of them, and they’re all happy with their decisions. For the purchase price, these cars are absolutely amazing and a bargain.