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Ok I've read the other comments on the Subaru Tribeca especially the first version of which I own. Truth is you'll either love it or hate it. Jump in the drivers seat go for a ride, the interior is just right, everything is easy to see and use. The interior makes you feel like a pilot of a modern jet.

At night the dash comes to life and the vehicle is a joy to drive especially in long hauls. Oh! .....by the way can you see the front from the drivers seat??? ....I didn't think so. After you own the car for awhile you come to appreciate the front as it stands out from the crowd. After all not everyone wants a boring GM that drives like a dog, lazy like a cat, and falls apart like a lizards tail!

I do wish that Subaru could have spent more time with the fuel economy, this is where the car is let down poorly. Using premium fuel and lots of it, surely they could have done better. My wife loves the car, the family loves the car. Mine is the five seater and to be honest the Tribeca as a seven seater is like buying a commodore for its fuel lid, it just does not work! Seriously check out all the commodores that have them missing.

The tribeca is a great car for five, great driving in luxury, comfort and ride height. As for anyone who doesn't like your Tribeca, get them to check out the interior and let them have a drive, they'll change their minds very quickly.

Also kudos to the yanks for building such a nice car, for decades now the yanks have built nothing but crap until the tribeca. Oh, and with Holden closing in Australia, thank God, about time that American crap was taken back. Ford, Toyota and even Mitsubshi should stay, their Australian built cars were solid, honest and worthwhile vehicles.