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2007 Subaru Liberty GT-B Review

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I am not going to buy another car...ever..

Well yes, I should fess up that I am over sixty, so that ever may not be as long as others ever...but it remains ever!

The GT Spec B has tidy handling, enough power to get you out of trouble or into it if you choose...it is not edgy like the WRX, it does not jump off the mark, but it purrs in city driving and really hums when taken outside city limits

Approaching nine years of use, no rattles, no wind noises, not even replaced a light bulb...only tyres ,battery and belts...still performs beautifully.

Adding quad STI mufflers and higher performance air filter have added some charm without tampering with the basic set up of a sound car.

Quality is important and quality of build shows through as time passes and all functions still function as new, even the seats remain firm and tidy after nine years
The design and shape have not dated greatly and remains a subtle little car , even with a scope in the bonnet.

The fourteen speaker stereo is simply magic, ...making country touring a delight...especially auto with a manual option and paddles to boot.

The Spec B GT is a mix between WRX function and sedan comfort, without looking like a boring sedan....as newer Liberty models have fallen into of late.

Love the frameless front doors, a look of difference and style as so with the darker tint back windows matching the design of a touring car.
Yes we will be together till the end.