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2007 Subaru Liberty GT-B Review

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What is not to like in a Spec B GT, not much at all?
No, I don't want a car that parks itself, makes a latte' or has a video camera stuck up its exhaust pipe!

I want a car that sticks to the road, that is great in the rain, the dark or the sunshine and the Liberty Spec B GT is all that and a tad more. A choice of auto, gear changes and paddles, a stereo to die for - all fourteen speakers - and three levels of operation from basic city up to snarling sport.

After eight years, no major repairs, no rattles not even a globe replacement, this is a quality built car that keeps going and going. To avoid self parking and electronic distractions and continue to enjoy the fundamentals of a touring car feel I plan keeping this car another eight years.

The 184 kilowatts is enough to get you out of trouble or for those so inclined could be enough to get you into trouble. It is not a street racer it is a touring car, sometimes described as a WRX in a suit. The little added comforts without destroying the basic of good handling and performance makes a tidy package. This model avoids the "Honda like" look of later models of Liberty and retains the pillar less windows that add a Subaru style and not deny its heritage, as more recent models have sadly demonstrated.

It is not perfect but it remains a delight to drive every day.