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2007 SSANGYONG Rexton RX270 Limited Review

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My husband and I purchased a SsangYong Rexton in 2006.During the the first 4 years, 100,000kms, it went well,
had no major issues with it. Regular servicing was carried out by a qualified and certified mechanic.

Then in 2010 the car died. Numerous people have looked at the car and repaired what "they" thought was wrong, including the SsangYong dealer in Perth. A lot of time and money has gone into this and still no one had found the issue. Finally after 4 long years later, a mechanic in town worked out the problem.

My husband and I paid $46000.00 for this car as we were moving to the out back and wanted a reliable car.......
Due to the continued issues, problems, lack of customer support and costs with the car in the last four years, I will no longer recommended this car and in fact, strongly suggest you buy any other make or model.

I have found the SsangYong dealer in Perth and main branch over east to be very un helpful and have been told that "these" kind of problems occur with soooooo many kms (please note 100,000kms). During the last four years problems that have been located are - fuel injectors broken or not working, immobiliser malfunction, cracked head, fuel tank leaking, new battery needed, just to name a few. The car has been hooked up to many diagnostic computers and all say something different. It has been an absolute nightmare.

I walk away from this with nothing, a car that I have no confidence at all in its reliability, the current $5600.00 mechanic bill to " fix the problems" (this has no guarantee). Current market value of a SsangYong Rexton 2006 model is approx. $9000.00.

Total of car- $46,000 approx. cost of repairs, hire cars, purchase of another RELIABLE car etc - $50,000

I can now only hope to sell the WORST car I have ever owned or just give it to the mechanic to wipe the $5600 current bill and walk away with NOTHING.

Please do not purchase a SsangYong vehicle, you will not receive any customer support, the mechanical issues are endless and repair is almost impossible.