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2007 Peugeot 407 ST Touring Comfort Review

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The 2.2L Peugeot 497 SW Comfort Touring is smooth to drive, with an emphasis on luxury over sportiness.

It is extremely quiet inside. The interior design style, attention to detail and standard of finish are superb. The leather, for instance, is of the highest quality, so has not deteriorated at all. The exterior style is dramatic and pleasing to the eye from every angle. Don't buy a Peugeot if you want to remain anonymous though. You will be noticed. Think Mercedes with personality. The technology and features are extraordinary. The electronics can be quirky on rare occasions, but have never proved troublesome.

The car has a solid hand-crafted feel. The transmission is the smoothest I have used, with a remarkable tautness during braking or deceleration too. The steering is precise, but requires more turning than Japanese cars at low speed. The steering is very reassuring, as is the road holding, at highway speeds. The brakes are very powerful. It uses about 11L/ 100km around town, which is not economical, but consistent with its feel, which resembles a six cylinder engine. It uses 9L/100km on the open road, which is fabulous considering its performance.

I love it. My last car was a Honda, so was incredibly reliable. But this car offers more character. It has style and substance in abundance. The enormous range of standard features are a welcome bonus. Drive a Peugeot. You will know if it's for you straight away. If you are like me you won't regret that different feeling. You will enjoy it.