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2007 Peugeot 407 ST HDi Executive Review

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Our Peugeot 407 ST Hdi is a turbo diesel manual. It spends the majority of its life on country road both sealed and unsealed. We have just clicked over 250,000km and the car is only just run in.

Handling is nothing short of brilliant. Economy is out of this world. We have averaged 5.4l/100km for the life of the car in both City and Country traffic. Motoring writers complain about the cruise control but let me tell you the ability to dial up a speed but 1km increments and the fact that the cruise control doubles up as a speed limiter is absolutely brilliant.A feature not found on many car 8 years younger.

This car is drastically under rated. Sure the look of the car is not everyone's cup of tea, but most Peugeot drivers thrive on individuality. Take it out on expressway or throw it around a tight mountain pass you will absolutely adore the way it handles, and when you get to the bowser in around 1200km you will also be pleasantly surprised.

The car will sit on 120km/h all day and still have plenty in reserve should you need it. Given that the car is 8 years old and has spend most of it life outside and on country road it still look great. The paintwork is excellent and the interior with leather seats has stood up to the rigours of daily life.

I'm hanging on to mine for as long as I can, in part because no one is making manuals anymore. We are loosing the art of driving.

The Peugeot 407 is a real drivers car.

Viva la France