Owner Review

2007 PEUGEOT 207 GTI

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I bought the car as a more practical car compared to a 200sx, celica or integra.

The car is used by myself and my partner. My partner really enjoys driving the car, it's very easy to park and drive, although the huge heavy doors are a hassle.

For me the car is very quick in the city, handles great, has a great sized boot, rear seats that can sit adults, fantastic fuel economy, and an awesome interior. The seats really hug you and are very comfortable.

My only criticism is that I never feel connected to the car. The steering, braking, clutch and acceleration are all good, but vague and very hard to get familiar with. I have had many cars but this is by far the only car I have had this issue with.

Feature wise this car has it all, cooled glove box, cruise control, automatic wipers and lights, leather/alcantra seats, steering wheel tilt and telescopic adjustable, shopping bag handles in the boot, fold down rear seats etc.