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2007 Nissan Tiida ST Review

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I wanted trouble-free motoring and a practical car that had a classic design aesthetic to it, not like some contemporary cars that look like iPods bingeing horridly on steroids with four wheels. I love the Tiida's hatchback curves and design.

The back windows also have a nice curved edge along the top. I've had my black, second-hand Tiida hatch for three years now and it's been fairly average on fuel economy and maintenance so no nasty surprises either with the wallet damage.

It's very spacious inside especially in the back and this has been noted by family and friends. I'm not a speed freak but I can overtake safely and pick up speed on state highways well over 120km if I want. I've had my 2007 manual Tiida hatch since 2012 and never looked back, never had a problem with it.

For someone who wanted a French car with classic styling (I'm particularly obsessed with the 1967 Citroen DS 21) but got turned off buying any Citroen or Renault for practical use by various mechanics due to their apparently notorious unreliability, the Japanese Nissan Tiida satiated my want for a nice, spacious, classic looking car with a 'french look' with its curvaceous design and bulbous backside that runs real swell, gets me from A to B trouble-free and in my opinion looks smooth for a modern car.

I think the Japanese may have had a french aesthetic in mind when designing the Tiida. I love my Tiida and I'd hate to have to sell it for any reason.