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2007 Mitsubishi Triton Glx-r (4x4) Review

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In a time where dual cabs were beginning their transition from the humble work ute to being about being a family crossover came the ML triton. Late in 2006 Mitsubishi launched the humble Mitsubishi ML triton. The first thing people noticed about this car was defiantly the styling. It was what some would call "out there" but the curved rear of the cab actually was into only a styling point, but a functional way to create a more comfortable place in the rear of the car, hence the transition into family cross over.

It got a lot of people excited as well, it boasted a strong and reworked version of the 4M41 3.2L found in the Mitsubishi Pajero, but added a common rail system. the engine boasted 118kw and 347nm @ 2000rpm. it was also one of the first vehicles to score a 4 star ANCAP rating with ABS, EBD, Dual Airbags just to name a few. It also came well equipped with GLX-R spec boasting a multi-function display, sports highlights, alloy wheels, leather steering wheel and gear leaver and Bluetooth.

Driving the triton, the first thing you notice is the loud diesel engine. It gives off a truck-like idle but gives you the confidence that you have a reliable engine under the bonnet. The triton really impresses when you start to get on the road though. The power, although will not win any drag races, come off smooth and feels like it could tow just about anything.

The torque allows the engine to tick at around 2'500rpm at 110km/h, making for great highway cruising. The steering has a nice weight about it when on the highway but can get heavy around the car parks. It also requires a lot of twisting and turning of the arms to get it to lock which can also become an annoyance parking the car.

The ride quality is also very good, but the rear can become unsettled and jar over larger road imperfections, but with a few 100kgs in the rear settles this down. The visibility of the car is a stand out. You are never left judging where any part of your car is and you can always predict where each part of your car is, although there is a small blind spot in the rear.

The engine has been trouble free from day one. It has never ever let me down and doesn't after 160'000kms like it wants to start slowing down either. It is still going strong and is a fantastic motor.

One niggle is the paint quality. It has started to fade on the bonnet and the roof, and has ugly white marks, but a touch up quoted at $500 should get it looking like new again.

One part I really like about the triton is the electric rear window. This goes most of the way along the rear window and lets you circulate air in the cabin without affecting fuel economy, reach into the rear of the car to fetch a few coldies or even carry long loads like pipes or fishing rods. window

The seating Position is one part I dislike about the car. there is no thigh support and it feels like you are sitting "on top" of the car instead in in it, and makes driver need a break or two on the longer drives.

Would I buy another triton, in short, Yes. It has been a fantastic vehicle and has never let me down. Next year I will be looking at a demo or near new version of the new MQ triton as I heard for the