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2007 Kia Grand Carnival (ex) Review

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Our 2007 Carnival, is the best family car we have ever owned. It is the most comfortable long distance car, l find with the excellent high seating position in the front seats very comfortable and even the middle row seats l can seat my six foot and a bit frame in and enjoy watching a DVD while the tray holds my HJ's safety in front of me on the table.

Sure my legs are either side of the table but it is not uncomfortable. The only thing which is missing on this model is armrests for the middle row. Mechanical, we have had no problems of the car leaving us stranded on the roadside, sure when one headlight globe blows the other one blows in Symphony.

Still have been able to return home safely. I recommend this vehicle to any young family or young couple who are starting a family, because it is one vehicle that can be in the family from the kids baby stage until they get their own cars in their teen years.

Servicing of the Kia has been top notch, the craftsmanship is acredit the men and women involved getting this vehicle out to the showrooms. It has plenty of cup/ bottle holders noise wise is very minimal the ride in any part of the vehicle is comfortable.

The instant throttle response from the 3.8 V6 is always on tap to overtake in a short distance, stopping is quick and responsive, and that turning circle is excellent and the fact that it can turn inn its own length. OH! Don't keep marking it against the Honda Odyssey. The Kia Carnival is not in the same class.

The Carnival is the top car in People Mover class. Look the boot space is so big when eight people are in the seats it ( the boot) can handle all their luggage for a holiday at a beach house without having to stuffthe luggage under seats. Even though, we only towed a six by four box covered trailer with our tents, spare trailer tyre and the rest of the camping gear. I have seen this model and year towing a caravan with a full load of people withease.