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2007 Honda Jazz VTi Review

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Feeling extremely lucky, I purchased an 07 Jazz last year with only 12000kms on the clock! It had had only one owner and was in excellent condition.

I enjoyed driving my car so much that, within a year I had clocked up 22000 more kilometres. I called her my little van because anything from IKEA was fair game for my car and I had even fitted a couch into the boot. I was a living advertisement for the Jazz, and should have been taking commissions however, once the kms reached about 33000, the car that I had enjoyed driving so much developed a terrible shuddering whenever it took off from a stationary position.

I researched this and discovered that it was a design fault specific to Jazzs of about this age. The forums that I read described the exact situation in which I found myself. The noise is loud and cannot be ignored. There was obviously something very wrong with my 8 year old car even though it had only done 38000kms. Unfortunately the arrogant dealership man didn't want to acknowledge the facts as laid out by Honda England and blamed the shuddering on the CVT fluid.

I am going to pursue this further with Honda Australia but be aware that there are many people who have managed to get satisfaction from dealerships after much effort! I don't want to have to lose my Jazz because of a manufacturing fault and hope to have my beautiful Little Miss Sunshine back to normal soon. I will revise my review when I find out how Honda Australia will respond.