Owner Review

2007 Ford Fiesta LX

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My five-door Ford Fiesta manual is my first car and it was given to me.

When I first received the car I didn't like it and was considering trading it in for something else. I'm so thankful I didn't, though, as over the past six months I have come to really love my little Fiesta.

It's so much fun to drive and always manages to put a smile on my face, even on the daily drive. The 1.6-litre engine is peppy and revs nicely.

I also drive a Volkswagen Golf, Holden Commodore and Ford X5 Turbo on a regular basis and none of them are as good to drive when it comes to smile factor as the Fiesta.

The build quality is top notch as well, with the interior not showing its seven-year age in the wear and tear department. The soft touch dash, good quality indicator stalks, and solid stereo buttons make for a nice feeling cabin in a compact car.

My biggest gripe with the car is that it doesn't have cruise control, but looking at what the competition had to offer back then I can't complain. The other thing is the cloth interior can get a bit dirty, but a regular clean is all thats needed. Neither a real deal breaker.

Even today when I look at car ads there is nothing I would trade for my Fiesta.

Anyone looking at a WQ Ford Fiesta won't be disappointed and will be guaranteed a smile while behind the wheel.