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2007 Ford Falcon XR6 review

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I bought my blue 2007 Ford BF XR6 MkII sedan because I've always wanted an XR6 and it only had 65,000km on it. I have only ever had base models like a 2003 XL and a 2002 XLS.

I've owned it for around four years now, and still love hopping in and starting it up to hear my exhaust. The start-up might annoy some people on early mornings, but I love it.

What I have done to it so far has been exterior-wise and performance-wise, and it is still just as reliable now with 130,000km on it. I've still got a few exterior mods to go on, which will come up absolutely awesome. Newer models have all the cons fixed. Plus, it being a six-speed auto and being able to change gears myself, and it is so smooth – once in auto, I can't feel it changing whatsoever.

Only faults would have to be the small boot space, no built-in Bluetooth, and no built-in AUX.