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2007 Citroen C3 Exclusive Review

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In the used vehicle market, Australia generally heavily discounts the resale value of many European manufacturers such as Citroen and Peugeot making these exceptionally good value in comparison to Toyota and Hyundai.

The C3 is a stylish little commuter with lots of features as standard. The fold down arm rests and high ride height are simple but appreciated considerations.

Without doubt the greatest disappointment which is widely acknowledged is the 4 speed automatic transmission. A 5 or 6 speed box would make this a totally different vehicle and improve fuel economy.
This base design ran for approx. 8 years 02-10, which is a good indication of the stylish design.

The interior finish incorporates lots of plastic - an observation rather than an issue.
Road noise is an issue on rough roads. The low profile tyres do not assist in suppressing road noise from the cabin.

Performance is quite good despite the auto gearbox. The engine does have a habit of staying in 3rd gear too long before changing into 4th due to the ratios.
I've had no major issues with the vehicle other than the accelerator pedal occasionally playing up by becoming unresponsive. It's an electronic pedal (fly by wire). A quick check online indicated this wasn't an uncommon problem and the fix was quick and inexpensive (under A$20).Parts are widely available and not over the top if sourcing online. The longevity of the model itself would have assisted.

The glass sunroof has a good mechanism, variable positioning and excellent weather sealing.

Looking for a cheap, spacious, comfortable commuter then this is worth considering.

NOTE -as with any potential purchase, make sure you have an independent mechanical inspection carried out before committing- at the end of the day it's a cheap price to pay.