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2007 Audi S3 Review

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Great little second hand premium purchase. Great fuel economy for the performance average about 9L per 100 with a good amount of spirited driving.

With plenty of power on tap when you sink the right foot in, but nowadays with new turbo technology some people will get a little annoyed with the turbo lag as nothing really happens till 2500 rpm. It really is a little pocket rocket from the factory. I have raced my friends SS ute with 245kw at the wheels and kept up with him and 270kw VE SS Commodores will only just nudge ahead at the lights not bad for a 188kw factory car.

Brakes are fantastic and the all wheel drive system is great for all weather conditions even if its not a proper quattro. The 6spd manual gearbox is nice and smooth especially in start stop traffic and the clutch is also nicely weighted.

Interior is top notch with Nappa leather and a must is the flat bottom steering wheel. Taller people will find the rear seats cramped but for people around 175cm the interior is good. With auto bi-xenon lights/wipers, bluetooth, dual zone climate control and rear parking sensors its well equipped however missing a AUX mode is pretty disappointing. The Bose audio is also fantastic.

Its a very rare sight on the roads with only a handful on sale in the country especially in this 8P1 shape. People do notice when you are at the lights.

While the the ride is on the firm side it still rides great. Being predominately FWD and the Haldex system only sending power to the rear wheels when the pushed it does tend to understeer. While not to great on entry, out of the corner its gets the power down wonderfully especially in the rain. Other complaint would be the lack of steering feel as with all fast Audi's it just feels numb with slight vibrations coming through but no real connection as to what the front wheels are doing.

As with the badge comes maintenance cost which can get a little pricey I would suggest going to a Audi specialist and not Audi themselves. They are cheaper and get to talk to the actual mechanic who works on the car.

Only slightly down on performance compared to the WRX STI & EVO and better looking than the Golf R. Overall a very good option for a fun daily commuter.