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2007 Alfa Romeo Brera 2.2 Jts Review

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My Alfa Romeo Brera is a beautiful shape and looks good. It's a rich red with attractive wheels . Black leather seats and black glass roof. However it is causing me huge distress.

The engine warning light has been on for two years and none of Alfa mechanics at the local dealer can work out what is wrong, the diagnostics don't help . We have done everything suggested by the diagnostics and replaced the solar noid, timing belt but nothing was found go be wrong with these parts .

It's cost a few thousand dollars so far and nothing has worked. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong when I'm drive it . I can't get a roadworthy certificate while the warnings light is on so my expensive gorgeous looking car is worthless after only 7 years.

Alfa in Italy won't answer my mechanics queries. They aren't interested in advising them to try next. No help at all . Research suggests there are many more breras with the same problem.

My breaking in warning alarm activates for no reason and the oil gauge doesn't work , but the mechanics say this is unrelated to go warning light .Alfa need to recall this model and fix the problem. Brera owners commonly list the alarm and warning light problem on web blogs.

Please Alfa just help me out . What action can I take when the company is based in Italy and want communicate ? Buyer beware . What a waste of money