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2006 Suzuki Swift review

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I purchased this car as it was in my budget and I loved it at first sight. Second-hand Swifts are priced very reasonably for buyers looking for a good car with low kilometres.

The main thing I dislike inside a Suzuki Swift would be the stereo, but that is easy to change. Another thing would be the black strip on each door panel, but overall I love the inside of my Swift. When looking at the outside, what I don’t like are the headlights, tail-lights and the stock wheels. Thank god for aftermarket parts to make it stand out and perform better.

As far as technology goes in the car, there isn’t really a lot as it is older and a small car. The newer Swifts, however, are up to date with the latest technology. The Suzuki Swift is one of the most reliable and practical cars on the road. It has never let me down or cost me any money, and will always get you from A to B. Services are cheap and so are parts that you need.

The Suzuki Swift is very practical, as it is great for the city drive or even any country road. The M15A engine will last a long time and is really a hardy engine. Wherever I want to go, the Swift will take me there and will always be reliable for every trip.

The future improvements have been getting better and better. The Swift just keeps amazing me with how good it really is. The only thing I wish my model had was all the new technology like forward collision alert, and a six-speed manual gearbox would have been awesome, but you can’t get everything.

As for aftermarket parts, the Swift is the best. I have purchased headlights, tail-lights, wing spoiler, rims, got a subwoofer, and even painted some of my interior blue, which makes it pop. Future plans include a sports rear bumper.

The Suzuki Swift is one of the best cheap cars to drive. I would rather own one of these instead of an expensive car. Also, my Swift stands out in the crowd and is not just a regular car. Over the time of owning it, I have learnt to respect more smaller cars. And I also really love my Swift.