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2006 Subaru Liberty GT-B Review

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I don't think I will buy another car...yes that is how good the Spec B was and is nearly nine years on. ( Mine was born in November 2006).

Indeed "friends" suggest we are both getting a bit long in the tooth and the car is in far better nick than the owner. No mechanical repairs, tyre, batteries and belt replacement only, not a rattle or squeak and same light bulbs as built.

Three levels of operating with that then new SDI...plus...three types of transmission...auto, triptronic gears and paddles, who could want more choices?

The engine has enough power to get you out of trouble and into a bit if you so choose.

The fourteen speaker stereo is magic. Yes there have been after dinner occasions when the gentleman retired to the Spec B with a red to hear the odd selected track, much to the delight of the partners.
Hums in city traffic and purrs loudly in the country....adding Sti quad mufflers assisted.....a true touring car.

This model retained the distinctive features of pillar less windows, darker tint on rear windows and simple clear design. The last Liberty not to look like a Honda or any other mild mannered boring, ordinary sedan.

Yes, I have no plans of buying a another car...while it might be important to note the writer is over sixty, the Spec B will still be going strong when the owner has to back out of a retirement village and vanish into the distance.

If cared for and serviced well a Spec B is still a good buy, in fact a bargain.