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2006 Subaru Liberty 3.0r-b Blitzen Review

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Since I've bought the car it's had no problems, the only issues I've got is when I bought it it had the engine light on and flat tyres but apart from those little niggles of which I fixed its great.

The power is always there when you need it, 180kW, sounds great with that 3.0L flat 6, mated upto a 6 speed STI manual straight out of a wrx STI, great close ratios, the only thing I don't like is it burns a lot of fuel, the best I've gotten is 11.3L per 100kms.

Some of the features that are great on this car are the connectivity, Bluetooth phone calls and the aux input. One thing I did to mine was instead of getting a factory sat Nav model, I got the non sat nav model, so what I did was took out the top cubby hole and bought a different insert for the Dash and put in a nexus 7 tablet in the Dash that plugs in to the stereo so I can have all the apps and sat Nav that I want.

Overall it's a great car, sounds amazing, goes like stink, handles like a dream, got the power of a wrx but a lot more space and practicality and for the P players out there it's at the top end of the power limits for them so you'll have the power you need to beat all those xr6 Falcons and wrxs that you want but without the turbo hassle from the cops.

I got it for a steal at $5500 but most of them have a high selling price like around $15,000 to $20,000 with low kms, mines only got 160,000.