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2006 Hyundai Getz Review

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Getz review

For most automotive enthusiasts the love starts with childhood exposure, I love a big block 8 cylinder because I once helped move a homes contents with a dually chev c20. That mildly worked 7.4 ltr sung so magically I was lured like sailors to the rocky reefs by the sirens of old. Never as any vehicle at full revs been able to match that crescendo.

However there is my daily drive, a vehicle acquired by necessity but driven by excitement. The crisp bark of the side pipe suggests mid 70's British racer leaving passers by in awe as it snarls in their ears. Interior appointments are modest with only the basic creature comforts, air conditioning, electric windows and a pleasantly deafening aftermarket 6 speaker stereo. As with most sporting vehicles the seats are not bolstered for touring, rather harsh support aims to keep you upright and in place as the corners are thoroughly spent. Power is delivered to the front 14" wheels via a 5spd close ratio cog box with a quick blip of the clutch, ensuring occasional chirps if the driver be a tad too enthusiastic.

Suspension and handling are manageable however being such a lightweight often results in a "bucket of water" like handling tendency. Pushing this weapon to its limits is not advised, only few could or would want to tame this animal. Inconspicuity is the name of the game here, police will pay you as much attention as the people who cut you off in traffic, silver may not be the best colour option.

The suspense have you intrigued? The details limited but piquing curiosity? Well to hold your attention a little longer this modern automotive mastery has dual airbags, disc brakes (abs on some models) and is available in either "small" (1.4) or "big" (1.6) block iterations! The best and final detail is all this sports economy can be had for less than 5 thousand of your hard earned dollary doos. The Hyundai Getz line (2006 the model I reviewed/own) offers all the capabilities of a modern budget hatch ... As that's exactly what it is. If you are a genuine motor enthusiast not limited by unfortunate circumstance, purchase something else! But if you seek capability, reliability and economy, the Hyundai Getz in small or big block is your weapon of choice.

Final notes: the side pipe is not a factory option.