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Bought a wagon version of this car to carry baby and pram around.

interior was very 'corporate' with comfy, sturdy seats that are easy to configure. Considering there's felt all through the rear of the car, I should have realised this would get dirty from all the baby's things. It really has enough room to use like a utility - I've made many trips to the tip in this.

The performance is sound, handling good, but acceleration can be a struggle (I've driven the non-wagon version and it's much lighter to take off in).

When the car is full or the tyres are even slightly low, fuel performance suffers.

Sound from the speakers is really good, I would have liked an mp3 or audio jack in the console.

Overall, I got a good price on a classy looking wagon and haven't had any mechanical issues while servicing has been kept up. Would recommend, I see quite a few young parents around my area who bought the same model.