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2006 Ford Fpv F6 Typhoon Review

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I have owned this car since 2006. I love the torquey engine, smooth 6 speed auto trans, the sporty look, sports car handling and fun. This car can be driven as a suttle family transporter or full on fun racer. Love blowing off Holden v8's. Definitely underrated. I think these will be the cult cars of the future.

Going is one thing but stopping is another, and the huge Brembo brakes certainly do not disappoint. I love the amazing look of this car in ego. The sweet sounding six cylinder exhaust note. One of the things that disappoint me about the car is the terrible Dunlop tyres that all failed in the sidewalls prematurely. The front spoiler is also prone to damage from gutters.

If your looking for a high horsepower, good handling, reliable vehicle you could not go past an F6 Typhoon. With good examples selling for about 25 thousand dollars, it would definitely have to be excellent value for money.

In summary, I feel this is the best 6 cylinder motor Ford has ever made. The engine is Australian designed and engineered. The transmission is German engineered ZF unit which is extremely tough and reliable. The independent rear suspension is Australian designed and has proven to be one of the best IRS on the local market with no abnormal rear tyre wear even when toying heavy loads. I would definitely recommend this car to any Ford (or Holden) fan. I hope this review has been helpful for anyone browsing the used car market.