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2006 BMW 3 23i Review

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Even to this day my 2006 323i M sport is still a great looking car. Overall the driving experience of the Vehicle is exceptional, as the handling is a stand out quality. Chuck it in to any corner and you have confidence that it will sit flat around the bends with minimal body roll, as the M sport suspension is a real treat. The steering is quite heavy at all speeds however is offers perfect feel and feedback.

Being a 323i the lower output 2.5L six fights a good battle for what it is, as it offers the driver with full confidence when over taking at any speeds. However driving around town it may feel slightly under done to some. What helps get the most performance out of the 2.5L is the well mated ZF 6 Speed gear box, which offers seamless gear changes as its always prepared to get the most out of the engine.

Fuel economy is quite average, as the car is reading 11.5L/100KM up 2.5L of its official claim, as this number involves mostly suburban driving. However it could be better considering our E60 530i is averaging 12.0L/100km whilst offering much more power.

The over all aesthetics of the car are great, the optional M sport package enhances the over all exterior giving it a modern sporty look, as to this day the car still looks very current, even when compared with its successor the F30. However the 323i was never equipped with I-Drive making the interior rather plain, and quite dated, though the brushed metal does enhance the overall look. However quality is high with soft touch plastics in every direction even right down to the door pockets. Comfort is great as the M sport seats hold you in well and are a big bonus over the flat executive seats. Head leg and shoulder room is great, as the overall interior space is a large step up over the E46, especially in the rear accommodation.

Having travelled 92,400KMS, I can say the car has been quite reliable as the only issue being the lifters needing to be replaced, a common issue on the N52 engine. As well as a slight transmission leak. Everything else has been the general service needs.

Overall I am very happy with the car and feel that they are great value for money cars. With options such as the M sport package and opting for a six cylinder engine you have a real cracker on your hands, especially if you are lucky enough to find a 330i.