2016 TOYOTA PRIUS i-Tech-4
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2005 Toyota Prius i-Tech Hybrid Review

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We bought her in 2007 with 30,000 km. We sold her in 2016 with 310,000 Km and she never missed a beat!

Sure, they aren't a WRX , but that's not their mission. Brilliant Toyota reliability means even now the new owner will get many years of economical trouble free motoring?

I bought a 2009 Prius I tech and gave the 2005 to the wife. Now I'm buying another I tech and 'trickling my 2009 one down to the missus again! They are just great!! The next will be my 3rd!

Service costs are about $200 a visit.

Radar Cruise control should be Mandatory! It's a fantastic safety feature.
More buttons than a fighter pilot can handle - features and toys everywhere. The only thing I never used was the auto parking button. I reckon I know how to drive by now... Been driving in paddocks since I was 6, driving manual cars since I was 9, and got my license when I was 17. I'm now 62 and averaged 80,000km to 100,000km each year for the past 40 years.

I have had a lot of cars over that time from BMW to Jags to Holdens and Fords. even had 7 Prados in a row!
The Prius is the most efficient car in the lot of them as long as you accept its design criteria.

In a few years I'll be looking for my next one!

Be different without loosing anything. The difference between owning and running a Prado, and owning and running the Prius has saved me $10,000 a year!!