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2005 Mercedes-Benz C320 Elegance Review

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I purchased a 2005 Mercedes Benz C320 CDI with the idea of towing a caravan around the United Kingdom, circumnavigate Ireland then on to Europe the trip took over a year. The choice of the Mercedes was perfect. Power a plenty and economy.

Diesel being very common in Europe is easy to obtain and usually cheaper but this varies. With four adults and caravan there was ample power to overtake or cruise at the limit.

The car is sure footed with superb brakes even with a load on board and towing. Driving on the Autobarn in Germany at 200km (no Van) it handled beautifully side winds had very little effect the noise level was very low in the cabin.

The seating is well contoured and provides good support. The adjustments allowed a perfect position for tall or vertically challenged. The GPS was a great aid to trouble free location of caravan parks, sights of interest, shopping centers and fuel stations.

Diesel consumption was minimal, traveled 40,000km and averaged less than 10 liters per 100km. With no van in tow 6 liters. Mercedes Benz performed a service in Spain only 216 Euros. Having owned and used for 12 months it was worth importing to Australia. The purchase price was $Aust 14k freight and Australian charges were $6200 so I have a beautiful car with 90k on the clock that owes me $20k Very happy.

There are no troubles with the car a pure enjoyment to own and drive. Great quality, reliable, comfy, powerful, no improvements needed.