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2005 Mazda RX-8 Review

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The Mazda RX8. Where to begin? I had this car given as a birthday present for the day I got my license (at 180,000kms), I have now had the car for 10 months, and what a ride it has been!

The RX8 is almost the perfect car. It has immaculate handling, a great rev range, a beautiful sound, and lets not forget those suicidal doors!

But everyone who knows a thing or two about rotaries will know the problems that come with them.

I have already been through an engine rebuild, and a few other little bits and pieces which all add up. However in saying this, if you look after it, it will look after you!

The RX8 is definitely a car you have to drive before you judge it! Performance wise, it is much more than you would think. But lets not forget the cosmetics of the car, the wide guards, twin exhausts, and rotary triangles everywhere! The interior too, with leather seating, bucket seats, L.E.D taco displays, and just a general good looking interior, the car mixes sports with luxury perfectly.

When it comes to driving economically, the RX8 wont be sitting in the top 10 list thats for sure. For its small engine size, this car drinks through quite a bit of petrol. But trust me, paying the petrol is worth revving it out to 10,000rpm!!

If you are thinking about buying an RX8, here are my tips:

-Buy a manual (Auto's are 40hp less, and more likely to need a rebuild earlier)


-Get compression rates checked before purchase

-Find a rotary specific mechanic

-Be prepared for a car that wont disappoint :)