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2005 Mazda Mx-5 Limited Review

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Great car for any motoring enthusiast who appreciates handling and balance over outright power.
You can have so much fun in this car, without it ever getting out of control - discover the limits slowly and safely and when you push beyond them, the car is communicative, balanced and agile enough to allow you to bring it back into your chosen line.

It is not exceptionally quick in a straight line, will do about 8 seconds to 100km/h - but this way at least you're not breaking the speed limits. Top speed is around 200km/h+ , but taking it onto the track, I was getting to about 180km/h - before having to break for the next corner (at Sandown).

Fuel economy is great, getting about 7.0 l/100km on the freeway and 9.0l/100km in the city.
Reliability wise - no problems, very durable 2.0 l engine - with mine having 130,000 km and no issues. Easy to service yourself too for any basic items such as oil, filter, brakes etc. - only issue being when I had to replace the front lights (LHS), they were hard to reach and replace.

The soft top is very easy to operate - can do with one hand while driving at up to 40-50km/h, however the water drains get clogged sometimes which allows water to seep into the cabin (it accumulates behind the seats) - these are a bit hard to clean, but with a wire brush can be done, and only have to do this once every couple of years.

When buying, look for a damp smell from the interior, damp boot lining as well as the usual - oil leakages from the sump, modifications (lowered suspension etc.) and evidence for accident damage.