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2005 Land Rover Discovery 3 SE Review

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The Discovery nameplate went through an incredible change for 2005, with all new design and construction, including airbag suspension which is beautiful and allows for huge offroad potential.

I bought this vehicle second hand after 1 owner, and with the intension of using it extensively offroad, and for touring. With the advanced terrain response and suspension this vehicle was unstoppable. Fully loaded it was a beautiful vehicle to drive, the turbo Diesel engine was quiet and had endless amounts of torque.

It is a big car but never felt it, the turning circle was great, and the vision and seating position meant manoeuvring it in tight carparks a breeze.

I didn't have leather or an upgraded sound system, however a simple AUX install provided adequate integration of new technology and for calls from my phone. The storage shelf in the dash is something I long for in every other car, it was stable and so convenient. Every switch felt important and quite utilitarian with big levers for the suspension height and to change in to low range.

It excelled offroad in just road tyres and showed up many people who turn their noses at a brand that isn't japenese. Th versatile seating and adequate room for 7 adults was incredibly handy and comfortable.

All this incredible ability and comfort comes at a price however, and sadly at a young age I bought in too early, and without the back pocket to support my weekend addiction I had to let it go. From humble Subaru off-roading beginnings to the ultimate I have a strong belief there is no better option for out of the showroom standard capability, no matter how hard Toyota copy.

Land Rover revolutionised the four wheel drive with this and the range rover models in 2004/5 and are doing so again this last year, get yourself a secondhand bargain they are now coming on the market a lot cheaper than when I bought it but I wouldn't hesitate in getting another one tomorrow.