Owner Review


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I was always a big car fan, reading magazines and online blogs from an early age.

So when it came for me to buy my first car, it had to be something I would love driving, especially since I lived 500km away from the city, and had great driving roads on hand.

I came across my Integra at an auction block website listing, and it was love at the first mouse click.

The car came standard with 6-stacker CD, leather, sunroof, fog lights and climate control. To be honest I sorely missed on not having cruise control especially on long journeys, but have acclimatised to that.

The car had also done 94,000km when I bought it, but I trusted in Honda’s bulletproof reliability.

The car has been a joy to own, the acceleration scaring many of my friends and the handling sublime on some secluded NSW driving roads.

However, once moving back to the city, the manual gearbox has become tiring because I like to save fuel, and 3rd gear slips out occasionally (a common problem in the model). Fuel consumption is also great, with usual figures around 8L/100km, but I have seen as low as 6L/100km on long journeys.

The other great thing I love about it is the way it looks, the body being classically beautiful rather than a mesh of modern lines and distortion and it still turns heads.

A great car for people that are enthusiastic about driving but also want reliability, economy, and practicality (the hatchback shape has helped me move house twice). A joy to own!