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2005 Holden Calais review

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I bought the 2005 Holden Calais as it was advertised on Carsales for $6500 and it was perfect in every way: leather seats, cruise control, climate control and paddle-shift auto, and just looked awesome. But I talked the guy down to $4500...

This 13-year-old car may seem cheap and old, but behind the cheap price is a more luxurious cabin with electronic leather seats, climate control, power windows, cruise control, paddle-shift auto, fog lights, sports bodykit, and a fast and fun car.

The only things I can complain about are the fuel economy and sometimes engine problems. Otherwise, in my eyes it is a perfect car.

It has a 3.6-litre V6 with 190rwkW and a loud rumbling exhaust, as I paid for it to be put on, and the drive is smooth and it loves first and second. But as an everyday car, I can say it isn't great on fuel as it uses on average about 15L/100km. But otherwise I love it as a daily.

The only thing that can make it better is the detailing side of it. I personally use Bowden's for a sexy slick and shiny look to my car every day. Its products are wonderful, and every week I use the Snowjob with a gerni and then use Wax Wash with a Shagtastic sponge, and wash the car with the three wash, wax and wheels buckets, then I go and rinse. Then Boss Gloss with a Big Green Sucker, and After Glow with the Big Softie and wipe the whole car. For the interior I use Final Revival and Vinyl Care on the vinyl, Leather Love for the seats, and also Fabra Cadabra on the carpets and felt on the doors to keep the whole interior clean every day.

This car cost me $4500 second-hand and is honestly the best buy I could have made, and I've never been happier owning the car! Also, it's great for a family and easy for car enthusiasts to mod.