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2005 Holden Astra Classic Equipe Review

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The car drives great and handles well. I've noticed great fuel performance and ease when it comes to driving start stop all the time. Only flaw is that the paint has faded and seems to be common on this model of car. The air-con is really cold as well.

Love the boot space of the car and think that the sedan should of been continued but in the newer style. This car would be even better if it had things which are standard on most cars today such as the Holden Infotainment system, reverse sensors/camera, front fog lamps and daytime running lamps.

The sporty feel comes with the sport mode action by using the little S button on the gear selector leaver. The spoilers on the back and front also gives this sedan shaped small car its sporty feel.

With regards to seating I have fitted genuine sheep wool covers as this improved base comfort. The height adjuster leaver is quite annoying and so is the knob to adjust the back rest of the seat. If your a tall person I wouldn't recommend this car as you may find it difficult to get in and out, however if you are average height it shouldn't be any issue. The cup holders are very strange on this vehicle, you have one on the interior trim of the door and the other in the glovebox lid. I don't know how your meant to use the glovebox lid to hold a drink though - does seem a bit odd.