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2005 BMW 545i SPORT
  • Great performance, fantastic interior and ride comfort
  • Maintenance can be expensive (especially if serviced at a dealership)

by G.Akis

When it comes rear-wheel drive mid-sized sport sedans, the BMW 5 series is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. 

The top of the line (at the time of release) BMW 545i M Sport can sprint from 0-100km/h in just 5.8seconds. Quite impressive even by today’s standards. Powered by a 325hp 4.5L V8, it’s fast and surprisingly agile around corners when considering its size and weight. It winds through its gears effortlessly.

The active steering feature (essentially speed sensitive power steering) which comes standard on the vehicle is quite useful. It’s a feature that you would never know you need until you’ve driven a vehicle that has it.

When it comes to comfort, this vehicle leaves little to be desired. The interior is spacious and quiet.  The luxurious 20-way adjustable comfort seats (driver + passenger) are superb, but that’s only the beginning. The car is equipped with all the usual extras that one would expect from a car of this calibre such as electric sunroof, automatic xenon headlights / wipers, cd stacker, bluetooth, sat nav, tv etc but it also seems that so much emphasis was placed on the inclusion of the little things like the heads up display, the rear electronic blind, tyre pressure sensors etc.

Some time has passed since this car’s release so features such as MP3 compatible cd player and iPod connectivity weren’t available (the iPod connectivity feature can be retrofitted by a dealer but it is quite costly).

The centre console is very simple. The bulk of the functions are controlled via BMW’s controversial I-drive system (which really isnt complicated after some getting used to).

Maintenance and running costs of this vehicle are expensive (tyres, brakes, servicing, general parts).

In summary, a very clever car, a good balance between a luxury car, a sports car and family car, but as is the case with any used car, scrutinize the service history and be sure to have the vehicle thoroughly inspected by a professional prior to purchase.

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2005 BMW 545i SPORT Review
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