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2004 Toyota Camry Altise Review

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Bought this car for my wife brand new in April 2004. Paid $24,990 drive away with floor mats and rear spoiler added as a optional extra. Also had the windows tinted in September 2004 for which we paid $450, brining the total cost of the car to $25,440.

We've had the car for over 10 years now and it has done just over 90,000km. Have not had one problem since day one. The only thing we have had to replace is two brake lights. I will say though it has been in a car accident my wife was rammed in October 2006 by a young guy in a commodore. I was impressed on how strong the car was, the Commodore was smashed right up to the front windscreen and while the Camry had $6500 damage it was still drivable; the only problem was when we opened to boot we weren't able to close it again.

The car has good fuel economy, a huge boot, it's nothing special to drive but it's not bad either. It can be hard to park at times because it's hard to tell where the nose of the car is, reverse parking is much easier because we use the rear spoiler to tell where the rear of the car is. Also the turning circle isn't great doing U-turns sometimes results in a there point turn because the car can't make the full turn in one go. I'm just being picky because there really isn't anything else to complain about, it's a fantastic car.

My eldest son is now 18 and about 6-foot 2-inches and still fits comfortably in the back seat. He is going for his licence next week and when he gets it we will be handing this car down to him. We have been looking into new cars for my wife to replace this car and couldn't go past buying another Camry. We are taking delivery of our new 2014 Camry Atara S next saturday, and before anyone blabs on about how we made the wrong decision in buying a Camry I'll say this - we're not buying this car to have fun in or for performance, we're buying it because it's reliable, safe and spacious.