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2004 Saab 9-3 Aero 2.0t Review

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I bought the car with 200,000km for $2900 on eBay with 9 months rego, an absolute bargain!

I am quite impressed with the car. The turbo really kicks in on the expressway when you gun it. Nice power delivery, heaps of options and toys in the cabin to play with and looks good too.

I haven't owned the car for very long so I can't really comment for reliability which hopefully should be fine if I change the oils and maintain it well. The oils I have bought are a premium price; $100 for 5L. Working on the car yourself is difficult as the engine is quite cramped, which is disappointing. Hopefully nothing breaks down on it.

Visibility and ergonomics are a thing that most people overlook but I am very happy with it on the car. No large blind spots and a good seating position make it a good safe ride. Overall a good car to buy from the second hand market.

Engine isn't as economical as I hopped being an aero model but what can you really do I guess. You can't have both power and fuel economy together. I'm getting 350kms out of the 58L tank running 95 octane fuel. I don't drive a terrible amount of kms, but if you are then maybe you need to have a big wallet or consider a diesel version.

Parts are obtainable online without any dramas but you'll probably have to import most of it from other countries. My front spoiler is broken and was quoted from Saab to cost $600 delivered and the $300 to paint it and absolute rip off. However non genuine ones are $300.

I'll keep this car for 6 months and seed how I go. If it proves reliable I will keep it otherwise it will find itself on eBay once again and hopefully will get my money back.