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2004 Nissan Patrol St Review

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Just back from 12500 klms to far north west driving 3 litre direct injection auto patrol towing 2 ton offroad caravan.Had a few small issues(broken exhaust bracket/winch brackets broken/spotlight coming off)note these were all after market products.

Must remember it has a small capacity engine(travelled with 2 other vehicles 100 series 6 cylinder turbo and 200 series v8 twin turbo)could nt keep up with them but that makes sense.Discovered that driving in 3rd gear around 2800 revs everything kept cool and fuel consumption about the same (overdrive like a 6th gear engine laboured)patrol cost me half 100 series and quarter of 200 series)so happy with the way it performed towing and offroad 4 wheel driving.Has big exhaust and radiator but otherwise basic patrol.

Will probably keep for a couple more years and then upgrade to later model patrol with lows klms and poss manual.

In conclusion i would have to say i am very happy with car and the way it performed.If you consider cost and comparing it with the other vehicles i travelled with it did very well.

It is important that you give it a complete service before undertaking a long trip including auto service but also consider that you can have a brand new car something can go wrong so never get to cocky.

I would with confidence head off tomorrow and do another big trip but probably not with 2 ton caravan more likely a lighter offroad camper to make access to difficult places easier and average higher top speeds and much better fuel consumption.