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2004 Mazda 6 Review
  • Mid range priced car, Appeals to all age groups
  • Automatic did not perform as well as manual

by Tim S

It only seems like yesterday, when I purchased my first brand new car. You know that feeling. The feeling of nervousness, handing the cheque over to the dealer, picking up the keys and just when you thought the process was over….ahh…that new car smell hits you. All is well.

The year was 2004 and it was the re-birth of the new Mazda 6 and the start of those Zoom Zoom ads.

At first, the Mazda range wasn’t something I’d even considered. However, back in the day (late 2002) Mazda’s new 6 and 3 range marked a significant change. Out went the 626/323 badges, along with its boxy style shape and in came a new, well-designed car that showed potential.

I say potential because for me, every car needs to have character. Whether the base is good or you can add features; my car has to perform and look good on the interior and exterior. So with all the additional extras available, I decided to include the 6’s sports kit. The kit consisted of a front and rear spoiler, race trim sides and sporting rims.

By adding the sports kit and lowering the ride height changed the Mazda 6’s character. It made one of the most popular cars of 2004, personal and fierce. The front aesthetics of the car just oozes performance. And while cars can’t talk back, the Mazda 6 just sits beautifully on the road, whilst it can still handle those shopping centre’s speed humps.

Eleven years on and still under 100,000 KM’s, The Mazda 6 still looks modern and slick. It’s a pleasure to drive; whether you’re doing down to the shops or that long weekend away.

2004 Mazda 6 Review Review
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