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2004 Ford FPV Review

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The 2004 Ford Performance Vehicles F6 Typhoon.

After being a hot hatch guy and owning hot hatches all my life, the time came for me to change to something completely different. I thought what could I buy that isn't a hot hatch, yet just as practical and has the ability to hold 5 people in comfort. Sports sedans where the answer and after looking at this 2004 BA MKII FPV F6 Typhoon knew this would tick all the boxes for my changing lifestyle. I came across this clean two owner example, test drove and was instantly hooked from the first time it came onto boost.

So, why a big Ford and not something else? There is thought to my madness in the form of two reasons. 1, it's fully Australian designed and built, and 2, its proper piece of Australiana. With fords not being made here come 2016, I thought this would be a good chance of driving and owning something to remind me that we could build cars, and damn good ones at that.

It wasn't all rainbows and butterfly's though as the F6 Typhoon has a dark past. When it was first released, clutch failures plagued the vehicle. This was found to be from a 50 cent part, and because of this was initially canned. Once the issue was solved the car was re-released to critical acclaim, winning numerous awards like Australian performance car of the year and New Zealand performance car of the year just to name a few. Thus proving you don't need a V8 to be muscle car king.

Living with a Typhoon is in honesty really easy. The only downsides being that it's very big and it isn't very fuel efficient, hence owns the smiles per gallon not miles per gallon tag line. Yet in contrast to this It's actually really easy to drive, has a very light clutch, smooth gearbox, super comfortable and cheap to maintain being based on the common falcon and super reliable for a performance car.

The main part of this car though is its engine, and let me tell you this dual overhead cam inline 6 turbo is an absolute sweetheart. It's not an engine as such it's a warp speed tool because once it gets on boost the torque it churns out is phenomenal. 550 newton meters of torque to be exact was at the time the most produced of any Australian built car, add that with 270 kilowatts and this thing dispatches 0 to 100 around 5 and a half seconds and pulls hard in any gear at any rpm. It puts a smile on your face every time the big Garrett GT3540 comes on song. The best thing about this engine though is that it has so much torque you can drive it off boost all day every day and no one would know the tire shredding ability of the car.

So you're probably thinking it's just a taxi with a stupidly fast engine. That statement couldn't be further from the truth. It's had a full going over top to bottom, the FPV suspension along with sticky tyres and big 18 inch wheels make Typhoons chassis a delight to throw into corners and come out the other side well sorted. Ok it's no hot hatch, but for a car that weighs the best part of 1700 kilos it's staggering how well this gets round corners. It corners flat and is very forgiving at the limit. It has such a relaxed and playful nature that it really rewards anyone who drives it hard through the twisty bits.

This particular Typhoon was not fully optioned as it didn't come with the leather, sat nav, big 4 pot Brembo brakes and chunky steering wheel, but being a close to 60k car when it was released came with dual zone climate control, premium sound, FPV seats, boost and oil pressure gauges, start button and unique F6 typhoon body kit and wheels and AP racing clutch.

If you're looking for one know that they do have their faults, Diff bushes, tail shaft centre bearings and turbo oil line filter blockages which cause the turbo to fail are common issues. If looking for one make sure they have been rectified or are in good working order.

The FPV F6 typhoon is a proper treasure and future classic to show that Aussies could build cars. I genuinely love this vehicle and don't see getting anything different for a long time.