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2004 Ford Falcon Review

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So, you're a working class family man, trying to balance on the fine line between being responsible and having fun. You need a car for the kids and all the gear. But what options are there? You could buy the big 4X4, but let's face it, you'll rarely leave the city, you could get an SUV, but that just has 'soccer mum' written all over it, you could get a sensible 4cyl economy box, but haven't you sacrificed enough already?

Well good sir, I have the answer for you.

Ford BA Falcon XR6. It is the car for the family man that craves the balance between family practicality and fun. And here's why you need one. First of all, look at the thing. It is good looking from every angle. And yes, we know the body kit is just for show and the spoiler does nothing to improve down force, but that's not the point. The fact is it looks good. It looks sporty. But most importantly, unlike those cheap 4 cyl 'sports cars' you've looked at this one backs it up with some actual power. The 4L straight 6 engine has more than enough horse power to satisfy your needs, not only that, it sounds the way a car should, the nice deep rumble and sweet exhaust note will please you every time you hear it. The handling is firm, the steering responsive, it's a drivers car, something that is fun to drive. Having said that, for maximum fun and driving experience get the manual, the auto is dull and buying one defeats the purpose of buying this car. I am satisfied with my 5 speed, but if you can get one in your budget the 6 speed manual is one of the sweetest gear boxes I have ever driven. It's the type of car you just enjoy being in and driving. It reminds you of why cars were built in the first place. Not just to get you from A to B, but to give you a pleasant experience on your way.

But what about the buzz words your wife will throw at you such as 'practicality', 'safety', 'economy' and 'what was that dear I couldn't hear you over the sound of that sweet exhaust note?'. Well here's your answers. From a practicality perspective, you have a back seat big enough for 3 kids sized from infant to adult, or 2 child seats if you have younger offspring. The boot will fit all school bags, prams, and your golf clubs with room to spare. To keep you and the kids safe you've got front airbags and ABS, there's no driver aids such as traction control, but who needs a car that drives itself? You're a driver, it's just you and the machine, the way the car Gods intended. 'Sure, that's all well and good, but what about fuel economy?' I hear you say. Well I'm not going to lie to you, it likes a drink. I average about 400kms per tank around town. BUT, let me tell you something, I would sooner pay a few extra bucks at the bowser in order to drive a car I enjoy than buy a boring economy box any day of the week. And the moment you turn the engine, put it in first, drop the clutch and leave the servo, you have already forgotten how much it cost. You work hard, you provide for your family, you deserve to reward yourself with a good car even if it costs a bit more to run. As for your wife, make sure you buy her flowers at least once a month. This has nothing to do with the car, it's just solid advice.

Now you may be scared off Falcons, with your knowledge that Ford is shutting down. Do not fear. XR's such as this one are already appearing in classic car shows, and their 'classic-ness' will only increase. Soon cars such as this, especially in a manual, will be on the brink of extinction, just as 'true drivers' are also on the endangered list. But you have the chance to buck the trend and be different, you can drive a 'drivers car', you can drive a 'classic' car. For cheap, while also being a family man. You sir, can have it all.

Drive on.