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2004 BMW 5 30i Sport Review

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We bought this baby approximately 2 years ago. It was an impulse buy which my partner thought was a good idea as he has always dreamed about owning a 5 series. At the time I had high doubts about buying a European car with 120,000kms that was 9 years old. But, (touch wood) there was little wrong with her.

We had her serviced and had a few of the coolant hoses replaced and she was ready to hit the road. All up it cost us close to $1000.

Fast forward 2 years and our old girl has been given the easy way of life. Only driven one day a week and on weekends as all the other days we use our run around Hyundai i30, it's been 2 years and she's only on 150,000kms.

However, as my partner spends a lot of time on the road, I've earned the keys to his pride and joy and I couldn't be happier.

The styling of this vehicle does not age, especially with the M Sport kit on her. People always second glance or ask if the vehicle is newer then it actually is, some asking if it is a 2009 model. Which is really just an ego boost for me.

The power of the vehicle is so smooth and re-assuring, especially when over taking trucks on the freeways. Fuel wise, 10.9L per 100ks, which I believe to not be that bad.

Space wise, it's perfect for a family of 5. Or, in my case, all my friends out for a Saturday night, but the seats are just so damn slippery, taking a sharp corner will have everyone in the car trying to adjust themselves back into a normal seating position. Cabin wise, Everything is where it is supposed to be, the climate is all in perfect reach, the dial to control the entertainment system is easy to use and the cup holders that slide out of the dash with a push of the button is a nice touch.

Technology...Ok, it's an old car and I get that, but damn that entertainment system is bad. The voice command actually has no idea what you are doing and makes everything up. Trying to stop her is even worse. The entertainment system likes to cut in and out as it pleases and also just decides to stop working on some days.

I was never a huge fan of big European boats, they scared me if anything. But the ride and handling of this beauty is one of a kind. Handling is amazing, very sharp on corners with very little over steer. And the traction control is eager to kick in when it needs too.

Which, in Melbourne's weathers case, is quite a lot. Having the optional 19 inch wheels which were ruined when the vehicle was purchased, forking out another $1000 to have them re coloured is probably the worst part. It makes the car harsh over bumps and pot holes and, depending on the tyres, can cause quite a bit of road noise.

All in all, I do love this car. She has become our pride and joy and parting with her now is out of our options.

I am not really huge on writing reviews, but wanted everyone to understand the ups and downs of having an old European vehicle.